Differences of Between Kindergarten And Preschool Jakarta Barat Programs

Each school has a different program between levels. Including Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Barat which has a different program between Kindergarten and its pre-school. If you want to enroll your children in school, it helps to know the difference between kindergarten and preschool learning programs. This time, you will find the differences between the West Jakarta Kindergarten and Preschool programs in Global Sevilla. You can read about it in this article.


Basic Learning For Preschool And Next Level For Kindergarten

Global Sevilla

Children between the ages of 3 and 4 are taught simple things like speaking fluently and being able to listen well. The school use songs and videos as teaching materials to make them more interested. Meanwhile, at the kindergarten level, they must be more advanced and have good character in accordance with the vision of Global Sevilla. They are also often positioned on a problem so that they can solve their own problems independently.


Motoric Building for Preschool and Develop Complex Skill For Kindergarten

Preschool Jakarta Barat students will be shaped with their motor development. They are usually taught to be more creative. It can be drawing, reading, or other things that can increase creativity. In contrast to preschool, kindergarten is honed to develop student’s abilities. Through observing the children, the teachers will know what the students are capable of. This ability will be discussed in order to further develop it.


Self Awareness And Personal Abilities

Through play, children will learn to communicate, imagine, express their feelings, and increase their self-confidence. There are considerable benefits to expressing emotions. To build the personal abilities at the kindergarten level, formed by observing habits that are often exhibited by children or what the children enjoy because this is an indication that the child is gifted and has more interest in the behavior shown in this regard.


Still Learning While Playing VS Difficult Problems And Challenging

Preschool Jakarta Barat students are still taught various sciences while playing. This is because children aged less than 5 years will get bored easily if listening to lessons for too long. For that reason, they still use learning and playing so they don’t get bored. Unlike preschool, kindergarten began to be given some difficult situations that required them to solve problems on their own.


Global Sevilla (https://www.globalsevilla.org/) preschool is a mindfulness-based school. The practice is based on awareness which has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety among students. Mindfulness calms students down and is able to improve their academics, behavior, or character. Which this vision can produce the quality of students. Don’t hesitate to enroll your children in this school, because this is all for your own child’s future.

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