Getting to know Surga Villa One, the Best Place for Wedding in Bali

Bali wedding villas are increasingly popular and many are chosen to hold weddings. With an elegant and luxurious impression, at this villa wedding you can make a memorable and unforgettable ceremony. One that deserves to be an option is The Surga Villa Estate with the main wedding venue, Surga Villa One.

Facilities at Paradise Villa One

the surga

  1. Private Pool Villa

The Surga Villa One does not only provide a place to hold a wedding party. Here you can feel the sensation of swimming in a private pool in the villa. This private pool villa is a haven for couples as well as guests who need tranquility. This area is separated from the main villa, so that intimacy will be felt more.

  1. Dining Room

Every villa in The Surga complex is equipped with a dining room which is amazing, because these villas were made for entertainment purposes. In addition, the outdoor area of ​​the dining room can be expanded to serve your wedding party, while the inside is suitable for only a few people, which is about ten people.

Surga Villa One also provides the best kitchen with complete cooking utensils, so the chef at this wedding villa bali can serve you a variety of delicious dishes with many variants. You can customize the selected menu according to your taste, starting from archipelago cuisine, western cuisine, Chinese cuisine, and so on.

  1. The Clifftop Area

In Surga Villa One, you can find a clifftop area which has a direct descent path to Melasti Beach which has clean white sand and clear blue sea water. If you don’t want to go down to the beach, you can enjoy it from above through a bale (pagoda-style hut) that looks so luxurious. From here you can see the beauty of Melasti Beach clearly.

  1. The Suites

At The Surga Villa One, there are four suites on the top floor. Each of these suites has a double ensuite bathroom. Where all these bathrooms have been equipped with various equipment, such as bathtubs and showers. Even so, the four suites at this Bali wedding villa have different configurations.

The two rooms near the waterfront have a spectacular view, through the full-sized windows you can see the top of the property and the sea view directly. While the other two are double and queen rooms which together give a strong and stunning impression. Coupled with a neutral interior that blends with an oriental tinge.

By choosing The Surga Villa Estate, you will not only get the best wedding venue. But the holiday atmosphere is also very thick at this villa located in Uluwatu, Bali. In addition, the villa is also equipped with a variety of entertainment that you can enjoy, from satellite TV spread throughout the villa, game sets, to boutique libraries.

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